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Exercise Problem (Number System, prime number, divisible, gratest position, possible value, square, greater then, integer, odd integer, even integer, positive integer, difference)

1. If the product of 3 different positive integers is 6, then twice the sum of the integers is ?
A) 12      B) 4      C) 18      D) 36      E) None

2. The product of three different odd numbers is 15, then what is the smallest of these numbers?
A) 12      B) 4      C) 18      D) 36      E) None

3. If x is an negative odd integer & y is an positive even integer, then xy must be ?
A) Even & -ve    B) Odd & -ve      C) Even & + ve    D) Odd & + ve      E ) Can't be determined

4. The product of all the integers between -100 and 100 is ..
A) 10000      B) 99999      C) 356100      D) 0

5. If n & p are both odd numbers which of the following number must be even?
A)  N+ P     B) NP     C) np + 2      D) n + p + 1      E)  2n + p

6. If x is a positive even number, then each of the following is odd except:
A) (x + 3) (x + 5)    B) X2 + 5     C) X2 + 6 + 9   D) 3X2 + 4    E) None

7. If positive integers x & y are not both odd, which of the following must be even?
A) xy    B) x + y    C) x-y    D) x + y - 1     E)  2(x + y ) -1

8. If a & b are both positive even integers, which of the following must be even ?
I. ab        II. (a + b)2      III. a2 + 1  
A) I only      B) I & II      C) I & III       D) I, II, III

9. If 3x represents an odd integer, which of the following represents the next larger odd integer?
A) 3(X + 1)     B) 3(x+2)      C) 3(x+ 3)      D) 3x+2      E) 3(x+2) +1

10. Which of the following is the product of two positive integers whose sum is 3 ?
A) 0      B) 1      C) 2      D) 3      E)  4

11. If the integer x is divisible by 5 but not by 2 then which one of the following is never an integer? 
A) x/24     B) x+1/2     C) X3 /3     D) x/7     E) X2/3

12. If p & q are primes greater than 2, which of the following must be true?
I. p + q is even.
II. pq is odd.
III. p2 - q2  is even.
A) I only     B) II only      C) I & II      D) I & III      E) I, II & III

13. given that 
a) Square of k is odd
b) 2k is even
The integer k is :
A) odd      B) even      C) Both odd & even      D) Can't be determined

14. If -7≤ x ≤ 7  and 0 ≤ y ≤ 12, what is the greatest possible value of y - x?
A) -19      B) 5     C) 7       D) 17      E) 17

15. The number of primes divisible by 1 is ?
  A) 100      B)  200      C) 10000    D) Infinite

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In the exercise above, one of the answers was one of the solutions to the ... CBSE Class-9 NCERT solution - Number system - Exercise 1.1 ...‎ Aug 17, 2013 - Courselib is non-profit organization with mission on to provide high quality education for Indian CBSE, ICSE and state board standard in all ... Number Systems - CBSE Papers, Questions, Answers, MCQ‎ Jun 9, 2012 - Blog provides NCERT solutions, CBSE, NTSE, Olympiad study ... CBSE - Class 9 - Maths - CH1 - Number Systems (Ex 1.5) ... Exercise 1.5. CBSE Class 9th math Solution of NCERT - CBSE - Meritnation‎ Free Online NCERT Solutions with Tutorials of math Class 9 Number Systems. ... Questions Answers with Examples, questions, textbooks, exercise notebook. Numbers and their Properties - Shodor‎ In high school, you explored the real number system. ... other sciences, we will encounter many problems in which the solution involves a series of calculations. ... When you have finished each exercise problem, type the operations into your ... [PDF] Exercises, Problems, and Solutions‎ Section 1 Exercises, Problems, and Solutions .... state Ψn from those in Ψm, what fraction of a large number of systems each described by. Ψ will be observed to ... Algebra II: Complex Numbers - Math for Morons Like Us‎ Real numbers fit into the complex number system because a = a + 0i. i behaves as any variable would. Example: 1. Problem: 7i + 9i Solution: Combine like terms ... Number Systems, Number Theory, Properties - GMAT Math Sample ... › GMAT Test Prep Questions‎ Collection of questions that appear in GMAT from Number Systems, Number Theory and ... 4GMAT offers classes in Chennai, Mumbai in India, practice tests and Math Books and eBooks. ... theorem in number theory, factors, factorials and numerous word problems. Detailed explanatory answers provided to each question.[DOC]Chapter 2 Exercises and‎A unit of an abstract mathematical system subject to the laws of arithmetic. A. 2. ... For Exercises 5-11, match the solution with the problem. A. 10001100.[PDF]Binary Numbers‎Mar 17, 2005 - ... Binary Numbers. Solutions to Exercises ... The usual arithmetic taught in school uses the decimal number system. ... (Click on the green letters for the solutions.) ... Solution For this type of binary number the first digit after the.

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