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1. Sum of p and Q is 72 and the value of R is 42. What is average of P,Q and R?
A) 32      B) 34      C) 36      D) 38      E) 30

Sol: Sum of P,Q & R = 72+42
                                 = 114
:. Average of P,Q & R = 114/3
                                    = 38
Ans: (D)

2. In a group of 4 people, the height of the group members are 5 feet 4 inches, 5 feet, 5 feet 6 inches, and 4 feet 10 inches. The average height of the group members is: 
A) 5 feet      B) 5 feet 1 inches      C) 5 feet 2 inches      D) 5 feet 3 inches      E) None

Sol: First let us convert all the heights into inch.
5'4" = 5x12+4 = 64"
5'    = 5x12     = 60"
5'6" = 5x12+6 = 66"
4'10"= 4x12+10=58"

:. Average = (64+60+66+58)/4
                 = 248/4
                 = 62"
                 = 5'2
Ans: (C)

3. Average of the five consecutive numbers is 8. Which is the smallest of the 5 numbers.?
A) 4      B) 3      C) 5      D) 6

Sol: Let, the smallest number be x. According to the question,
=> (X+X+1+X+2+X+3+X+4)/5 = 8
=> (5X+10) = 8x5
=> 5X = 40-10
=> X = 30/5
=> X = 6
Ans: (D)

4. The average of 6,8 & 10 equals the average of 7, 9 & --
A) 1      B) 7      C) 8      D) 9      E) 11

Sol: Total of 6, 8 & 10 = 6 + 8 + 10
                                    = 24
     :. Required number  = 24 - (7+9)
                                    = 24 - 16
                                    = 8
Ans: (C)

5 . The average of 3 numbers is 7. If 2 of the numbers are zero, Then what is the 3rd number?
 A) 15      B) 17       C) 17      D) 21

Sol. Total of 3 number = 7x3 = 21
2 of the 3 numbers are zero.
:. The 3rd number is 21

Ans: (D)

6. The average of three numbers is V. If one of the numbers is Z and another is Y, then what is the remaining number?
A) ZY-V      B) (Z/V)-3-Y      C) (Z/X)-Z-Y     D) 3V-Z-Y      E) V-Z-Y

Sol: Total of 3 numbers = 3xV = 3V
Let, remaining number be X.
:. Z+Y+X = 3V
=> X = 3V - Z -Y
Ans: (D)

7. The average of 7 numbers is 12. After discarding one number, the average becomes 11. What is the discarded number?
 A) 7      B) 10      C) 18     D) 12      E) 15

Sol: Total of 7 numbers = 12x7 = 84
       Total of 6 numbers = 11x6 = 66
                   Discarded number = 18
Ans: (C)

8. Francis had an average of 75 on her  first four Geometry test.  After taking the next test, her average dropped 72. How much did she get in the fifth test?
A) 54      B) 56      C) 58      D) 60      E) 73.5

Sol: Total marks of the first four test = 75x4 = 300
       Total marks of the first five test  = 72x5 = 360
            :.     Marks of the fifth test ( 360-300) = 60
Ans: (D)

9. For a certain student the average of five stet scores is 83. If four of the scores are 81,79,85,90, what is the score of the fifth test?

Sol: Let, fifth test score be x.
:. (X+81+79+85+90)/5 = 83
=>  X + 335 = 415
=> X= 415 - 335
=> X = 80
Ans: 80

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